Launching Linaro Linux on Zybo Board

  1. u-boot

We start with compiling u-boot for the Zybo board. For that, we need to download u-boot sources from Digilent:

First, source Xilinx arm cross-compiling tool-chain:

Update environment:

Сonfigure u-boot for zybo board:

The result of this step creates .config  file, which is used during compilation.

We then cross-compile the u-boot for arm as follows:

The generated uboot  file is an ELF file:


We can now do manual mode and run the u-boot on the RAM host.

For this, let’s start the xilinx microprocessor debugger:

Then, in the debugger, we connect to the arm host:

source ps7_init.tcl file:

We now can download u-boot executable to the ARM memory.

First, locate ourselves where u-boot is stored.

Run the processor:

In a separate serial terminal, we see the output of u-boot:

minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB1 -b 115200



2. Creating ZYNQ Boot image (BOOT.ini file)

In this step we create first stage boot loader using Xilinx SDK.